hook (filter): Modify the recency decay parameters for the search query.<p>The recency decay lowers the search scores based on the age of a post relative to an origin date. Basic adjustments:</p> <ul> <li>origin: A date. Posts with this date will have the highest score and no decay applied. Default is today.</li> <li>offset: Number of days/months/years (eg 30d). All posts within this time range of the origin (before and after) will have no decay applied. Default is no offset.</li> <li>scale: The number of days/months/years from the origin+offset at which the decay will equal the decay param. Default 360d</li> <li>decay: The amount of decay applied at offset+scale. Default 0.9.</li> </ul> <p>The curve applied is a Gaussian. More details available at {@see <a href=""></a>}</p>

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search.php:940


    hook (action): Responsible for displaying the title of the Jetpack Search filters widget.

    Source: modules/widgets/search.php:314


    hook (action): Responsible for rendering filters to narrow down search results.

    Source: modules/widgets/search.php:355


    hook (filter): Allows developers to filter whether the current site has a VIP index.

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search-helpers.php:675


    hook (filter): Allows developers to disable filters being set by widget, in favor of manually setting filters via `Jetpack_Search::set_filters()`.

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search-helpers.php:650


    hook (action): Fires after a search query request has failed

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search.php:421


    hook (filter): Determine whether a given WP_Query should be handled by ElasticSearch.

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search.php:455


    hook (action): Fires after a search request has been performed.<p>Includes the following info in the $query parameter:</p> <p>array args Array of Elasticsearch arguments for the search array response Raw API response, JSON decoded int response_code HTTP response code of the request float elapsed_time Roundtrip time of the search request, in milliseconds float es_time Amount of time Elasticsearch spent running the request, in milliseconds string url API url that was queried</p>

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search.php:409


    hook (filter): Modify the search query parameters, such as controlling the post_type.<p>These arguments are in the format of WP_Query arguments</p>

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search.php:552


    hook (filter): Modify the underlying ES query that is passed to the search endpoint. The returned args must represent a valid ES query<p>This filter is harder to use if you're unfamiliar with ES, but allows complete control over the query</p>

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search.php:590