apply_filters ( 'jetpack_sync_capabilities_whitelist', array The )

Filter the list of capabilities that we care about

Source file: packages/sync/src/class-defaults.php

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(array) The default list of capabilities.


Since: Jetpack 5.5.0


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  1. miriamtrevizonovitek says:

    how can i block some sync, like users data or change passwords from to my hosted site

    • Matthew Denton says:


      The full data that is synced to from your Jetpack powered site can be found at: Passwords by default are not synced: user IDs, usernames, email addresses, roles, and capabilities of registered users.

      If you would like to block some of these fields from being sent to you can tie into the ‘jetpack_sync_before_enqueue_jetpack_sync_add_user’, ‘jetpack_sync_before_enqueue_jetpack_sync_register_user’ and ‘jetpack_sync_before_enqueue_jetpack_sync_save_user’ filters to unset email address, etc. Please note that removal of some of this data will lead to unexpected behavior of Related Posts, Search, Publicize and other functionality.