No new hooks added in 10.2 Below are recently added.


    hook (filter): Allows sites to opt in for IDC mitigation which blocks the site from syncing to when the home URL or site URL do not match what expects. The default value is either true, or the value of JETPACK_SHOULD_HANDLE_IDC constant if set.

    Source: vendor/automattic/jetpack-identity-crisis/src/class-identity-crisis.php:476


    hook (action): Fires when the Tracking::ajax_tracks() callback has been hooked to the wp_ajax_jetpack_tracks action. This action is used to ensure that the callback is hooked only once.

    Source: vendor/automattic/jetpack-tracking/src/class-tracking.php:61


    hook (filter): Allow customizing the email headers.<p>Warning: DO NOT add headers or header data from the form submission without proper escaping and validation, or you're liable to allow abusers to use your site to send spam.</p> <p>Especially DO NOT take email addresses from the form data to add as CC or BCC headers without strictly validating each address against a list of allowed addresses.</p>

    Source: modules/contact-form/grunion-contact-form.php:2925


    hook (filter): Filter the contact form, allowing plugins to modify the HTML.

    Source: modules/contact-form/grunion-contact-form.php:2285


    hook (filter): Filter the values that are sent to Akismet for the spam check.

    Source: modules/contact-form/grunion-contact-form.php:828


    hook (filter): Whether to show the Inbox menu under Upgrades menu.

    Source: modules/masterbar/admin-menu/class-admin-menu.php:174


    hook (filter): On, we can't directly check if the site has support for WooCommerce.<p>Having the option to override the functionality here helps with syncing WooCommerce tables.</p>

    Source: vendor/automattic/jetpack-sync/src/replicastore/class-table-checksum.php:808


    hook (action): Fires at the bottom of the Jetpack admin page template, after the dynamic content section.

    Source: _inc/lib/admin-pages/class.jetpack-admin-page.php:368


    hook (action): Fires when a site is disconnected.

    Source: vendor/automattic/jetpack-connection/src/class-manager.php:2031


    hook (filter): Filters the connection url that users should be redirected to for re-establishing their connection.

    Source: vendor/automattic/jetpack-identity-crisis/src/class-rest-endpoints.php:152