No new hooks added in 6.0 Below are recently added.


    hook (filter): Allows plugins and themes to modify the placeholder image.<p>This filter is not prefixed with jetpack_ to provide a smoother migration process from the WordPress Lazy Load plugin.</p> View Example

    Source: modules/lazy-images/lazy-images.php:208


    hook (filter): Allow plugins and themes to override the attributes on the image before the content is updated.<p>One potential use of this filter is for themes that set <code>height:auto</code> on the <code>img</code> tag. With this filter, the theme could get the width and height attributes from the $attributes array and then add a style tag that sets those values as well, which could minimize reflow as images load.</p>

    Source: modules/lazy-images/lazy-images.php:192


    hook (filter): Whether the lazy-images module should load.<p>This filter is not prefixed with jetpack_ to provide a smoother migration process from the WordPress Lazy Load plugin.</p>

    Source: modules/lazy-images/lazy-images.php:39


    hook (filter): Allows overriding the PWA theme color which is used when loading the app.

    Source: modules/pwa/class.jetpack-pwa-helpers.php:62


    hook (filter): Allow overriding the manifest.

    Source: modules/pwa/class.jetpack-pwa-manifest.php:83


    hook (action): Responsible for rendering filters to narrow down search results.

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search-widget.php:298


    hook (action): Responsible for displaying the title of the Jetpack Search filters widget.

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search-widget.php:259


    hook (filter): Modify the recency decay parameters for the search query.<p>The recency decay lowers the search scores based on the age of a post relative to an origin date. Basic adjustments:</p> <ul> <li>origin: A date. Posts with this date will have the highest score and no decay applied. Default is today.</li> <li>offset: Number of days/months/years (eg 30d). All posts within this time range of the origin (before and after) will have no decay applied. Default is no offset.</li> <li>scale: The number of days/months/years from the origin+offset at which the decay will equal the decay param. Default 360d</li> <li>decay: The amount of decay applied at offset+scale. Default 0.9.</li> </ul> <p>The curve applied is a Gaussian. More details available at {@see <a href=""></a>}</p>

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search.php:952


    hook (filter): Determine whether a given WP_Query should be handled by ElasticSearch.

    Source: modules/search/class.jetpack-search.php:462