No new hooks added in 11.6 Below are recently added.


    hook (filter): Filter the number of seconds to cache a specific podcast URL for. The returned value will be ignored if it is null or not a valid integer.<p>Note that this timeout will only work if the site is using the default <code>WP_Feed_Cache_Transient</code> cache implementation for RSS feeds, or their cache implementation relies on the <code>wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime</code> filter.</p>

    Source: _inc/lib/class-jetpack-podcast-helper.php:53


    hook (filter): Wether to show the Advertising menu under the main Tools menu.

    Source: modules/masterbar/admin-menu/class-atomic-admin-menu.php:377


    hook (filter): Filter the option which decides honor DNT or not.

    Source: modules/google-analytics/classes/wp-google-analytics-utils.php:82


    hook (filter): Determine whether we should show the share action for this post type.<p>The default is false.</p>

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-post-list/src/class-post-list.php:116


    hook (action): Action called after initializing Post_List Admin resources.

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-post-list/src/class-post-list.php:52


    hook (action): Fires right after rendering the Publicize form in the Classic Editor.

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-publicize/src/class-publicize-ui.php:529


    hook (action): Fires right before rendering the Publicize form in the Classic Editor.

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-publicize/src/class-publicize-ui.php:511


    hook (action): Allow callers to identify when we have completed fetching a specified podcast feed.<p>This makes it possible to clean up any actions or filters that were set up using the <code>jetpack_podcast_pre_fetch</code> action.</p> <p>Note that this action runs after other hooks added by Jetpack have been removed.</p>

    Source: _inc/lib/class-jetpack-podcast-helper.php:356


    hook (action): Allow callers to set up any desired hooks when we fetch the content for a podcast.<p>The <code>jetpack_podcast_post_fetch</code> action can be used to perform cleanup.</p>

    Source: _inc/lib/class-jetpack-podcast-helper.php:328


    hook (action): Fires after the VideoPress package is initialized

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-videopress/src/class-initializer.php:44