apply_filters ( 'jetpack_js_slideshow_settings', array $args )

Filters the slideshow JavaScript spinner.

Source file: modules/shortcodes/slideshow.php

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(array) – string – spinner – URL of the spinner image. – string – speed – Speed of the slideshow. Defaults to 4000. – string – label_prev – Aria label for slideshow’s previous button – string – label_stop – Aria label for slideshow’s pause button – string – label_next – Aria label for slideshow’s next button


Since: Jetpack 2.1.0


You can use this filter to customize slideshow settings. In the example below, we will change the speed of all slideshows on a site:

function jeherve_fast_slideshow( $args ) {
    $new_speed = array(
        'speed' => '10'
    return array_replace( $args, $new_speed );
add_filter( 'jetpack_js_slideshow_settings', 'jeherve_fast_slideshow' );

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