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    hook (filter): Allow Photon to disable uploaded images resizing and use its own resize capabilities instead.

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn.php:127


    hook (filter): Provide plugins a way of running Photon for images in the WordPress Dashboard (wp-admin).<p>Note: enabling this will result in Photon URLs added to your post content, which could make migrations across domains (and off Photon) a bit more challenging.</p> View Example

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn.php:710


    hook (filter): Disables Photon URL processing for local development

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn-core.php:69


    hook (filter): Filter the multiplier Photon uses to create new srcset items.<p>Return false to short-circuit and bypass auto-generation.</p>

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn.php:973


    hook (filter): Filter the Photon Arguments added to an image when going through Photon, when that image size is a string.<p>Image size will be a string (e.g. "full", "medium") when it is known to WordPress.</p>

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn.php:831


    hook (filter): Filter the Photon Arguments added to an image when going through Photon, when the image size is an array of height and width values.

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn.php:890


    hook (filter): Allow Photon to fetch images that are served via HTTPS. View Example

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn.php:1108


    hook (filter): Overwrite the results of the validation steps an image goes through before to be considered valid to be used by Photon.

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn.php:1146


    hook (filter): Allow specific images to be skipped by Photon. View Example

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn.php:373


    hook (filter): Filter whether an image using an attachment ID in its class has to be uploaded to the local site to go through Photon.

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-image-cdn/src/class-image-cdn.php:441