Browsing hooks for feature: JSON API


    hook (filter): Filter for curating the list of roles available for a wpcom site.

    Source: json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-roles-endpoint.php:168


    hook (filter): Filter whether the Hosting section in Calypso should be available for site.

    Source: sal/class.json-api-site-base.php:845


    hook (filter): Allow disabling Full Site Editing, even when the FSE plugin is active.

    Source: sal/class.json-api-site-jetpack.php:214


    hook (filter): Filter the thumbnail URLs for attachment files.

    Source: class.json-api-endpoints.php:1582


    hook (filter): Exclude certain comment types from comment counts in the REST API.

    Source: class.json-api.php:1031


    hook (filter): Filter if a site is an automated-transfer site.

    Source: sal/class.json-api-site-base.php:401


    hook (filter): Filter if a site is in pending automated transfer state.

    Source: sal/class.json-api-site-base.php:1207


    hook (filter): Fallback mechanism to clear a third party site icon setting. Can be used to unset the option when an API request instructs the site to remove the site icon.

    Source: json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-site-settings-endpoint.php:820


    hook (filter): Filter the array of theme information that will be returned per theme by the Jetpack theme APIs.

    Source: json-endpoints/jetpack/class.jetpack-json-api-themes-endpoint.php:173


    hook (filter): Filters whether to use an alternative process for installing a theme.<p>The alternative process can be executed during the filter.</p> <p>The filter can also return an instance of WP_Error; in which case the endpoint response will contain this error.</p>

    Source: json-endpoints/jetpack/class.jetpack-json-api-themes-install-endpoint.php:62