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    hook (filter): Determines how long the auth cookie is valid for when a user logs in with SSO.

    Source: modules/sso/class.jetpack-sso-helpers.php:257


    hook (filter): Allows plugins the ability to overwrite actions where the SSO form is allowed to be used.

    Source: modules/sso/class.jetpack-sso-helpers.php:279


    hook (filter): Determines how long the auth cookie is valid for when a user logs in with SSO.

    Source: modules/sso/class.jetpack-sso-helpers.php:256


    hook (filter): Determines how many times the SSO module can attempt to randomly generate a user.

    Source: modules/sso/class.jetpack-sso-helpers.php:215


    hook (filter): Display the SSO login form as the default when both the default and SSO login forms are enabled. View Example

    Source: modules/sso/class.jetpack-sso-helpers.php:146


    hook (filter): Allow users to register on your site with a account, even though you disallow normal registrations.<p>If you return a string that corresponds to a user role, the user will be given that role.</p>

    Source: modules/sso/class.jetpack-sso-helpers.php:72


    hook (filter): Filter the message displayed when the default WordPress login form is disabled.

    Source: modules/sso/class.jetpack-sso-notices.php:165


    hook (filter): Is it required to have 2-step authentication enabled on to use SSO?

    Source: modules/sso/class.jetpack-sso-helpers.php:102


    hook (filter): Link the local account to an account on using the same email address.

    Source: modules/sso/class.jetpack-sso-helpers.php:48


    hook (action): Fires after we got login information from

    Source: modules/sso.php:764