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    hook (filter): Fires just before the target post is updated with its new data.<p>Allows for final data adjustments before updating the target post.</p>

    Source: modules/copy-post.php:141


    hook (filter): Fires when determining if the "Copy" row action should be made available.<p>Allows overriding supported post types.</p> View Example

    Source: modules/copy-post.php:284


    hook (filter): Fires after the new Copy action has been added to the row actions.<p>Allows changes to the action presentation, or other final checks.</p>

    Source: modules/copy-post.php:347


    hook (action): Fires after all updates have been performed, and default content filters have been added.<p>Allows for any cleanup or post operations, and default content filters can be removed or modified.</p>

    Source: modules/copy-post.php:96