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    hook (filter): Allow other valid hostnames.<p>This can be useful in cases where the token hostname is expected to be different from the get_home_url (ex. AMP recaptcha token contains a different hostname)</p>

    Source: modules/sharedaddy/recaptcha.php:149


    hook (filter): Filter the Sharing buttons' Ajax action name Jetpack checks for.<p>This allows the use of the buttons with your own Ajax implementation.</p>

    Source: modules/sharedaddy/sharing-service.php:798


    hook (filter): Filter the default Twitter card image, used when no image can be found in a post.

    Source: class.jetpack-twitter-cards.php:78


    hook (filter): Filter the Sharing Email Send Post Subject. View Example

    Source: modules/sharedaddy/sharedaddy.php:63


    hook (filter): Filters if Email Sharing is enabled.<p>E-Mail sharing is often problematic due to spam concerns, so this filter enables it to be quickly and simply toggled.</p>

    Source: modules/sharedaddy/sharing-service.php:85


    hook (filter): Filter the sharing buttons' headline structure. View Example

    Source: modules/sharedaddy/sharing-service.php:843


    hook (filter): Filter the fallback `og:description` used when no excerpt information is provided. View Example

    Source: functions.opengraph.php:504


    hook (filter): Filters the content markup of the Jetpack sharing links

    Source: modules/sharedaddy/sharing-service.php:967


    hook (filter): Allow the addition of additional Open Graph Meta tags, or modify the existing tags. View Example

    Source: functions.opengraph.php:241


    hook (filter): Filter the minimum height of the images used in Jetpack Open Graph Meta Tags.

    Source: functions.opengraph.php:68