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    hook (filter): Enable the RePublicize UI in the block editor context.

    Source: class.jetpack-gutenberg.php:682


    hook (filter): Filters the options for Publicize.<p>As of Jetpack 8.5, the array keys could be: attach_media bool If Publicize should send the image to the social media platform. Default false.</p> View Example

    Source: modules/publicize.php:75


    hook (filter): Filter the default Twitter card image, used when no image can be found in a post.

    Source: class.jetpack-twitter-cards.php:78


    hook (filter): Determines whether a post being published gets publicized.<p>Side-note: Possibly our most alliterative filter name.</p> View Example

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-publicize/src/class-publicize.php:571


    hook (filter): Filter what user capability is required to use the publicize form on the edit post page. Useful if publish post capability has been removed from role. View Example

    Source: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-publicize/src/class-publicize-base.php:990


    hook (filter): Filter the fallback `og:description` used when no excerpt information is provided. View Example

    Source: functions.opengraph.php:527


    hook (filter): Filter the minimum height of the images used in Jetpack Open Graph Meta Tags.

    Source: functions.opengraph.php:54


    hook (filter): Allow the addition of additional Open Graph Meta tags, or modify the existing tags. View Example

    Source: functions.opengraph.php:228


    hook (filter): Filter the HTML Output of each Open Graph Meta tag.

    Source: functions.opengraph.php:275


    hook (filter): Allow plugins to inject additional template-specific Open Graph tags.

    Source: functions.opengraph.php:152