apply_filters ( 'infinite_scroll_archive_supported', bool $supported, object self::get_settings() )

Allow plugins to filter what archives Infinite Scroll supports.

Source file: modules/infinite-scroll/infinity.php

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(bool) Does the Archive page support Infinite Scroll.


(object) self::get_settings() IS settings provided by theme.


Since: Jetpack 2.0.0


By default, Infinite Scroll is only active on your site’s home page, on archive pages, and on search pages. You can, however, use the infinite_scroll_archive_supported filter to add support to other pages, like WooCommerce’s Shop page in the example below:

function tweakjp_custom_is_support() {
    $supported = current_theme_supports( 'infinite-scroll' ) && ( is_home() || is_archive() || is_search() || is_shop() );
    return $supported;
add_filter( 'infinite_scroll_archive_supported', 'tweakjp_custom_is_support' );

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