apply_filters ( 'jetpack_relatedposts_filter_thumbnail_size', array array( )

Filter the size of the Related Posts images.

Source file: modules/related-posts/jetpack-related-posts.php

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(array) array( ’width’ => 350, ’height’ => 200 ) Size of the images displayed below each Related Post.


Since: Jetpack 2.8.0

How to use this hook

See Using actions and filters to customize Jetpack.


You can use this filter to change the size of the thumbnails used in Related Posts.

function jeherve_relatedposts_thumbnail_size( $size ) {
	$size = array(
		'width'  => 500,
		'height' => 200
	return $size;
add_filter( 'jetpack_relatedposts_filter_thumbnail_size', 'jeherve_relatedposts_thumbnail_size' );

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  1. thezwomann says:

    This was EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you so much! It would be great if JetPack would create thumbnails proportionately to the image they are grabbing rather than random cropping.

  2. jawase says:

    This is great. But I am a little unclear where I should add this coding?

  3. claudi79 says:

    Trying to change the thumbnail size and used the code above in my child theme’s functions.php.
    Doesn’t work for me, unfortunately. Any ideas? Does it take a while for Photon to display the new size?