apply_filters ( 'jetpack_sitemap_post_types' )

The array of post types to be included in the sitemap.<p>Add your custom post type name to the array to have posts of that type included in the sitemap. The default array includes 'page' and 'post'.</p> <p>The result of this filter is cached in an option, 'jetpack_sitemap_post_types', so this filter only has to be applied once per generation.</p>

Source file: modules/sitemaps/sitemap-builder.php

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Since: Jetpack 4.8.0


The following example adds WooCommerce products to the sitemaps.

add_filter( 'jetpack_sitemap_post_types', 'htdat_jetpack_sitemap_post_types' ); 

function htdat_jetpack_sitemap_post_types( $post_types ) {
	$post_types[] = 'product';
	return $post_types; 


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  1. Jaybliss says:

    Please, how can i exclude/remove images in my sitemap ? Am using Jetpack

  2. Sarmad Gardezi says:

    Tell me where I should put my custom post type code and how to add my own build cpt in the sitemap.