apply_filters ( 'jetpack_social_media_icons_widget_array', array $html )

Fires at the end of the list of Social Media accounts.<p>Can be used to add a new Social Media Site to the Social Media Icons Widget. The filter function passed the array of HTML entries that will be sorted by key, each wrapped in a list item element and output as an unsorted list.</p>

Source file: modules/widgets/social-media-icons.php

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(array) Associative array of HTML snippets per each icon.


Since: Jetpack 3.8.0


Here is an example of how to use this filter to add a new icon, for a LinkedIn company page:

function jetpackme_linkedin_company_icon( $html_array ) {
        $html_array +
            25 =>    // This key can be modified to change the order the new item will appear in the list
                '<a title="Automattic" '
                . 'href="" '
                . 'class="genericon genericon-linkedin" target="_blank">'
                . '<span class="screen-reader-text">Automattic Company Profile</span></a>'
add_filter( 'jetpack_social_media_icons_widget_array', 'jetpackme_linkedin_company_icon' );

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