apply_filters ( 'jetpack_subscriptions_exclude_these_categories', array $args )

Array of categories that will never trigger subscription emails.<p>Will not send subscription emails from any post from within these categories.</p>

Source file: modules/subscriptions.php

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(array) Array of category slugs or ID’s.


Since: Jetpack 3.7.0


Sometimes, you want to exclude a series of posts from Jetpack Subscriptions. You can do so thanks to the jetpack_subscriptions_exclude_these_categories filter. You can use that filter to exclude one or more categories.

In the example below, we exclude all posts belonging to the “VaultPress” and “Akismet” categories:

function jetpackme_exclude_posts_subscriptions( $categories ) {
    $categories = array( 'vaultpress', 'akismet' );
    return $categories;
add_filter( 'jetpack_subscriptions_exclude_these_categories', 'jetpackme_exclude_posts_subscriptions' );

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