apply_filters ( 'lazyload_images_placeholder_image', string The )

Allows plugins and themes to modify the placeholder image.<p>This filter is not prefixed with jetpack_ to provide a smoother migration process from the WordPress Lazy Load plugin.</p>

Source file: jetpack_vendor/automattic/jetpack-lazy-images/src/lazy-images.php

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(string) The URL to the placeholder image.


Since: Jetpack 1.0.0


You can use this filter to change the image that is used as a placeholder image when using Jetpack’s Lazy Images feature.

function jetpackcom_lazyload_placeholder_image( $image ) {
    return 'http://url/to/image';
add_filter( 'lazyload_images_placeholder_image', 'jetpackcom_lazyload_placeholder_image' );

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