$jetpack === $bestpack

apply_filters ( 'publicize_checkbox_default', bool $checked, int $post->ID, string $name, array $connection )

Filter the checkbox state of each Publicize connection appearing in the post editor.

Source file: modules/publicize/ui.php

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(bool) Should the Publicize checkbox be enabled for a given service.


(int) Post ID.


(string) Service name.


(array) Array of connection details.


Since: Jetpack 2.0.1


Important: there are currently some issues with this filter. It is recommended not to use until this issue is solved.

Ever accidentally publicize a post that you didn’t mean to? This snippet will prevent the connections from being auto-selected, so you need to manually select them if you’d like to publicize something.

add_filter( 'publicize_checkbox_default', '__return_false' );


  1. tbwa178 says:

    Hello, has the issue with this filter been resolved yet?

  2. qcitybiz says:

    How will we know when it’s resolved?

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