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    hook (filter): Filter the YouTube player height.

    Source: modules/shortcodes/youtube.php:240


    hook (filter): Set the audio player default colors.

    Source: modules/shortcodes/audio.php:94


    hook (filter): Allow YouTube videos to start playing automatically.

    Source: modules/shortcodes/youtube.php:300


    hook (action): Fires when an item is displayed on the front end.<p>Can be used to track stats about the number of displays for a specific item</p>

    Source: modules/widgets/gravatar-profile.php:52


    hook (filter): Filter Object Caching for response from Instagram.<p>Allow enabling of object caching for the response sent by Instagram when querying for Instagram image HTML.</p>

    Source: modules/shortcodes/instagram.php:164


    hook (action): Fires before the YouTube embed is transformed into a shortcode.

    Source: modules/shortcodes/youtube.php:94


    hook (filter): This filter allows other plugins to override which shortcodes Jetpack loads.<p>Fires as part of the <code>plugins_loaded</code> WP hook, so modifying code needs to be in a plugin, not in a theme's functions.php.</p> View Example

    Source: modules/shortcodes.php:68