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    hook (filter): Filter associative array with data to build node and its descendants for site home.

    Source: modules/sitemaps/sitemap-builder.php:604


    hook (filter): Filter sitemap URL item before rendering it as XML. View Example

    Source: modules/sitemaps/sitemap-builder.php:1174


    hook (filter): Filter condition to allow skipping specific posts in sitemap. View Example

    Source: modules/sitemaps/sitemap-builder.php:1129


    hook (filter): The array of post types to be included in the sitemap.<p>Add your custom post type name to the array to have posts of that type included in the sitemap. The default array includes 'page' and 'post'.</p> <p>The result of this filter is cached in an option, 'jetpack_sitemap_post_types', so this filter only has to be applied once per generation.</p> View Example

    Source: modules/sitemaps/sitemap-builder.php:134


    hook (filter): Filter the attribute value pairs used for namespace and namespace URI mappings.

    Source: modules/sitemaps/sitemap-buffer-page.php:46


    hook (filter): Filter the content type used to serve the sitemap XML files.

    Source: modules/sitemaps/sitemaps.php:224