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    hook (filter): This filter allows any time to be passed in for testing or changing timezones, etc.<p>..</p>

    Source: _inc/lib/icalendar-reader.php:146


    hook (filter): Fires for each profile link in the social icons widget. Can be used to change the links for certain social networks if needed. All URLs will be passed through `esc_attr` on output.

    Source: modules/widgets/social-media-icons.php:184


    hook (filter): Fires at the end of the list of Social Media accounts.<p>Can be used to add a new Social Media Site to the Social Media Icons Widget. The filter function passed the array of HTML entries that will be sorted by key, each wrapped in a list item element and output as an unsorted list.</p> View Example

    Source: modules/widgets/social-media-icons.php:208


    hook (filter): Filters the Social Media Icons widget output.

    Source: modules/widgets/social-media-icons.php:228


    hook (filter): Filter the number of days used to calculate Top Posts for the Top Posts widget.<p>We do not recommend accessing more than 10 days of results at one. When more than 10 days of results are accessed at once, results should be cached via the WordPress transients API. Querying for -1 days will give results for an infinite number of days.</p> View Example

    Source: modules/widgets/top-posts.php:508


    hook (filter): Filter the Top Posts and Pages. View Example

    Source: modules/widgets/top-posts.php:610


    hook (action): Fires before each Top Post result, inside <li>. View Example

    Source: modules/widgets/top-posts.php:365


    hook (action): Fires after each Top Post result, inside <li>. View Example

    Source: modules/widgets/top-posts.php:393


    hook (filter): Filter the Timeline placeholder text.

    Source: modules/widgets/twitter-timeline.php:147


    hook (filter): Control the number of displayed posts. View Example

    Source: modules/widgets/top-posts.php:238