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    hook (filter): Filter types of posts that will be counted in the widget

    Source: modules/widgets/authors.php:146


    hook (filter): Filter the permalink of items in the Top Posts widget.

    Source: modules/widgets/top-posts.php:455


    hook (action): Fires at the end of Contact Info widget.

    Source: modules/widgets/contact-info.php:187


    hook (action): Fires at the beginning of the Contact Info widget, after the title.

    Source: modules/widgets/contact-info.php:121


    hook (filter): Filters Top Posts Widget settings before they're saved.

    Source: modules/widgets/top-posts.php:261


    hook (action): Fires after the fields are displayed in the Top Posts Widget settings in wp-admin.<p>Allow adding extra content after the fields are displayed.</p>

    Source: modules/widgets/top-posts.php:200


    hook (filter): This filter allows any time to be passed in for testing or changing timezones, etc.<p>..</p>

    Source: _inc/lib/icalendar-reader.php:182


    hook (filter): Fires for each profile link in the social icons widget. Can be used to change the links for certain social networks if needed. All URLs will be passed through `esc_attr` on output.

    Source: modules/widgets/social-media-icons.php:193


    hook (filter): Fires at the end of the list of Social Media accounts.<p>Can be used to add a new Social Media Site to the Social Media Icons Widget. The filter function passed the array of HTML entries that will be sorted by key, each wrapped in a list item element and output as an unsorted list.</p> View Example

    Source: modules/widgets/social-media-icons.php:217


    hook (filter): Filters the Social Media Icons widget output.

    Source: modules/widgets/social-media-icons.php:237